2.0 Clinic Curriculum

Lesson 1

Learn how to out-rally your opponent at the baseline and when receiving higher, deeper balls.

Lesson 2

Learn how to recover to the baseline and transition to the net when

receiving shorter balls. Learn how to set up to receive volleys and overheads while at the net. This is learned while playing singles and doubles.

Lesson 3  
Learn how to start the point with a consistent serve and return.


Lesson 4  
Learn how to keep the ball in play and work effectively as a team to cover the court in doubles.


A player has completed 2.0 and may move to 2.5 when they can:

  1. Consistently rally 8 balls in a row with a coach, using a mix of forehands and backhands from the baseline
  2. Volley 8 balls in a row with the coach from the net to the baseline.
  3. Serve 2/5 on both deuce and ad side