Indoor Fees

During the colder months we offer 5 well-lit indoor courts in our heated bubble. We offer a variety of memberships that allow you to play as often as you would like. When playing indoors, there is an additional charge (usage fee) that is payable in addition to the Annual & Seasonal Membership.

Seasonal Indoor Membership:

Adult: 410.

Couple: 775.

Student (Must be a full time student with valid card): 145.

Junior (under 18 years): 90.

Annual Membership (only available in October):

Adult: 625.

Couple: 1182.

Student: 225.

Junior: 150

Monthly: 102.

Yearly Membership (1 year term, includes indoor usage fees, only available in October):

Adult: 985.

Couple: 1900.


Guest Indoor dropin fees:

Prime time (Mon to Fri, 9 am to noon / 4 pm to 8:30 pm): 32. per court

Non-Prime (Mon to Fri, noon to 3 pm / 8:30 pm to 10 pm): 22. per court

3 pm to 4 pm 1 hour play time, Mon to Thurs, only): 16. per court

Guest Adult playing with Member: 15. each



Prime time (9 am to noon): 32.

Non-Prime (noon to close): 22.